Founded in 2018, the Consolation of Antiquity is a monthly blog devoted to classical antiquity with an emphasis firmly fixed on ancient Greek, Roman, and medieval Byzantine civilizations. Brevity is the driving ambition of every blog entry, hence only a synopsis of the examined book as well as up to five excerpts will be used. The excerpts will endeavor to recognize meaningful passages relevant to the critical ideas of the book.

Writer & Founder: Adam Rounds



Adam spent five years as a light infantry paratrooper serving in both the 173rd Airborne Brigade, and the 82nd Airborne Division. Following his time as a paratrooper he served as an intelligence analyst for USACAPOC in a tactical psychological operations company for three years. He has a double major BA in History & Political Science from MSU Denver, a BS in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis (SSDA) – summa cum laude – from Norwich University, as well as a CAIA/GC in Advanced International Affairs from the Bush School of Government and Public Service – Texas A&M University.


Editor-in-Chief: Tanja Rounds



Born in Finland, Tanja has lived in five countries – Finland, Norway, Brazil, the United States, as well as the United Kingdom – and speaks six languages. She has earned Departmental Honors at the College of William & Mary in Philosophy while pursuing a double major BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She is a subject matter expert on Thomas Aquinas, as well as Medieval Scholasticism – and presented her work at William & Mary’s 2022 Medieval & Renaissance Studies Symposium. Likewise, Tanja has been awarded the Robert C. and Muriel M. Jennings Scholarship – administered by Phi Beta Kappa – and completed a William & Mary Summer Research Fellowship, which examined the scientific principle of causal determinism.